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As heating energy is becoming increasingly expensive, additional insulation is more profitable than ever before; at best, the costs are set back in a few years’ time. Even the early 21st century houses have modest insulation capacity compared to current demands. The air-tightness of structures is also often lacking. Room temperature is usually increased because its inhabitants feel a draft – and increasing the temperature by even a few degrees will add up to 20% to the energy expenses.

Our Product - Ekowool

A comfortable life is warm and secure. Insulation with pure and naturally-produced fibre will bring your house and family living conditions, which embrace the comfort of living. The warm Ekowool insulation consists of wood fibre. It is derived from the nature and has the ability to transfer its ancient and best properties to form a part of your house and family life. The foundations of comfortable living have always been found close to the nature. Ekowool delivers these direct to your home.


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