Eristepalvelu M. Lindholm Quality Building Insulation - Your local insulation service in Uusimaa since 1997.
With over 20 years of experience and over 10,000 projects behind us, we can proudly say that we are the best at what we do. Our services include new houses and additional insulation but also projects in the archipelago.Insulation can be seen as an investment because it pays for itself with reduced heating costs while improving everyday life in the home. Our services consist of delivering thermal insulation of the best quality. Our strength is ecological insulation solutions that breathe; a home that breathes is pleasant to live in. Our services’ main advantages are reduced heating costs and the ability to maintain an even indoor temperature in winter and summer. To deliver the best results, we use the leading products on the market.
Ekowool is cellulose-based insulation. Created in an eco-friendly way by using recycled newspaper, making a friendly product for both people and nature.
Hunton is created from natural wood fiber from Norway's spruce forests. Fiber insulation has a high density and therefore good sound-absorbing properties.
Isover is suitable for use in both new constructions and additional insulation. Isover is created from recycled glass.
Walls (Walls can be sprayed with Ekowool to get a seamless wall insulation or when using Hunton or Isover, the insulation is applied behind a technical cloth.
We insulate roofs and also the sloping roofs (ontelo).
(Floors and joists can be insulated as an open construction but also from below
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